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New Macklemore album: triumphant pop success

Seattle rapper Macklemore and producer Ryan Lewis showed a masterful aptitude for the concept song on their 2012 smash, “the Heist” — whether that meant tracks about thrift shopping, marriage equality or the dangers of sneaker culture. On their second, 13-track album, “This Unruly Mess I’ve Made,” they’ve moved in a slightly different direction, focusing on tight lyrics and a more celebratory vibe.

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Warmth and intimacy from The Flavr Blue’s ‘Love Notes’

“Seasons change, mad things rearrange,” sang Lauryn Hill on The Fugees’ “How Many Mics.”

That message is appropriate for another trio born out of hip-hop, Seattle’s The Flavr Blue — Hollis Wong-Wear (lately with Macklemore), Lace Cadence and Parker Joe — who celebrate the release of their romantic EP, “Love Notes,” Thursday (Dec. 17) at Chop Suey.

Though the three musicians came from hip-hop, on the new album they are rebelling from the four-on-the-floor, boom-bap of rap and embracing a more spacious sound, with reverb guitars and big synthesizer swells.

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'Silicon Valley' Star Talks Green Technology, Saving the Environment

If you’ve ever seen the HBO comedy Silicon Valley–specifically the episode featuring the Tech Crunch Disrupt competition where start-up company Pied Piper wins for its data compression software–you might have an idea of what Microsoft’s Imagine Cup is like. Last Friday, thousands of bright developers and future Microsoft hopefuls came together to examine what’s next on the software horizon.

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Buddy Bolden on the Brink of Madness

No one knows the story for sure, but let’s proceed with this version: 
In the spring of 1898, a procession of musicians strode down a New Orleans city street swaying their trumpets to a tune. Blocks away, a young cornet player tapped his horn against the curb, put it to his lips and began to blow so loud and so powerfully that the parade stopped. Spellbound, it detoured toward his sound.

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The 50 Bands Rocking Seattle Music Right Now

What’s your favorite current Seattle band? If you have trouble answering (or if you draw a blank after Macklemore), we’re not going to judge. But we are going to suggest it’s time to check in with the city’s thriving indie music scene. New local bands are exploring sounds, blurring genre boundaries (though we’ve wrestled them into categories here) and playing vibrant live shows all over town (see our Live Music Venue guide). Even with this sampler of 50 bands, we haven’t scratched the surface of Seattle music. Listen right here—where you can stream songs from all 50 bands—and also try tuning in to KEXP (the city’s unsurpassed discovery engine for local music) for a whole week. Soon enough, you’ll have an answer to the above question—and you might just go on and on.

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