Sound & Vision on KEXP: Lavender Country, The First Openly-Gay Country Band in the World


Born in 1944, Patrick Haggerty grew up on a dairy farm outside Port Angeles, Washington. He milked cows barefoot. He had 10 brothers and sisters and a Dad who accepted him for who he was. 

"My father saw what he had on his hands when I was 5 years old,” says the 74-year-old Haggerty, fighting back tears. “He saw quite clearly that I was destined to be the biggest sissy in the country — and I was. The point is: my dad’s permission to be who I was, to wear bathing twine wigs and go to the catholic youth organization talent show in drag and run for head cheerleader and wear ballerina outfits all day at the 4H camp in 1958 — my dad gave me permission to do those things.”

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