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Produced in part by NBA All-Star and former Seattle Super Sonic Kevin Durant, Q Ball profiles a handful of men whose crimes range from domestic abuse to gun possession to murder. While many of their crimes are severe, Q Ball paints a picture of at-times broken people in real need of love, support and rehabilitation. Prison, after all, is a place where people should reform and at San Quentin, for many, that reformation happens through sport and competition.

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Valtesse’s Art of the Tease

A year ago, Fiona Pepe was in search of inspiration. The Seattle dancer and photographer had left a 10-year career as one of the head performers at the sultry and beloved Can Can cabaret theater. On an excursion to France, she found herself strolling through the Parisian streets one morning. Looking for any decent book, Pepe picked up a tome titled The Mistress of Paris, which would quickly change her creative aspirations.

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Whitney Mongé "Carries On" with New EP, Shares the Soulful Track "Be Mine"

Whitney Mongé’s voice cracks, crumbles, aches and breaks your heart. It’s one made of 100-year-old salvaged northwest wood, complete with embossed grains, nicks, and honest imperfections. Often compared to the great Tracy Chapman, Seattle’s Mongé, though, is unique and stands sturdily on her own two musical feet. And never has this been more evident on her upcoming EP, the six-song Carry On, an intimate window into the artist’s songwriting, which is set to be released November 27th and 28th at Jazz Alley with co-headliner Naomi Wachira. To preview that release, we have the honor of premiering Mongé’s lead single from the new record, “Be Mine,” a romping, joyous tune about the excitement and confluence of new love and lust. And to accompany this premiere, we caught up with Mongé to ask her about her new album, what she’s learned since releasing her last record and how many takes it took to get the perfect vocal scream on tape.  

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Talking about the Holocaust is difficult, especially if you’ve lived through it. Yet, that’s precisely what 92-year-old survivor Sonia Warshawski does every day. She talks with people about the details of her time in concentration camps and being freed. It’s one of the many remarkable aspects of her vibrant daily life, which includes running a small tailor shop in Kansas City, Kansas, and, more recently, advocating her message of “love over hate” to the U.S. Congress.

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Review: Krist Novoselic and New Band Giants in the Trees Play a Sold-Out Album Release Party

It’s a few minutes before 11 p.m. on Saturday night and Krist Novoselic is backstage at the Sunset Tavern in Ballard. The 52-year-old former Nirvana bassist is gearing up to play the album release show for his new group, Giants in the Trees, and jokes about texting his fictitious life coach. “He’s telling me things like, ‘You can do it’ and ‘You deserve it,’” Novoselic smiles.

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Dad Jokes Is Good, Clean, Hilarious Fun

Dad Jokes was never supposed to be famous. But once Good Morning America got hold of it, there was no turning back.

Created in March by Los Angeles-based producer Patrick Houston, one of the folks behind All Def Digital, Dad Jokes is an online series in which two comedians are pitted against one another in a you-laugh-you-lose format. The comics tell bad, corny, but oh-so-fun dad jokes to score points.

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Local, Independent Wrestling Thrives at DEFY

“This is independent wrestling, bro,” said John Hennigan. Also known as John Morrison, Henningan is a former WWE professional wrestler who hit the stage Friday night at Washington Hall as part of DEFY8: Kings Among Men, a wrestling showcase staged by a recently established local outfit called DEFY Wrestling. “This is where wrestling happens today," Hennigan said, "not in some half-empty arena.”

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Gorillaz Animated a Massive Crowd at KeyArena Saturday Night

It’s unclear what one is supposed to expect when going to see the “virtual band,” Gorillaz, play live. Prior to their show Saturday night at KeyArena, rumors swirled about the group playing anonymously behind a big projector screen. Or maybe they’d come out dressed in costume, appearing like the iconic animated characters from their music videos? Known for their curious cartoons and comforting, catchy vocals over unabashed hiphop beats, Gorillaz hit the stage Saturday night amid befuddlement—but, by the end of it, everyone knew exactly who they were.

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Seattle filmmakers Megan Griffiths, Dayna Hanson check into HBO’s ‘Room 104’

The HBO television show “Room 104,” produced by brothers Jay and Mark Duplass, employs myriad storytellers to depict the sordid history of a graying roadside hotel room. Two of the raconteurs tapped for the task were Emerald City writer-directors Megan Griffiths and Dayna Hanson, whose paths to the acclaimed show were as different as a boxer’s punch and a dancer’s pirouette.

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It Gets Pretty Hot at Can Can’s Summer Show, Ice Cream

The Can Can Kitchen & Cabaret is always changing. At the 60-seat theater nestled in what feels like the hull of Pike Place Market, everything is in flux, from the choreography to the music to the way its dancers use the room. And in the theater’s brand new summer show, Ice Cream, this mutability is evident from the moment its host, Johnny Boy (aka Jonathan Betchtel), hits the catwalk.

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