It Gets Pretty Hot at Can Can’s Summer Show, Ice Cream

The Can Can Kitchen & Cabaret is always changing. At the 60-seat theater nestled in what feels like the hull of Pike Place Market, everything is in flux, from the choreography to the music to the way its dancers use the room. And in the theater’s brand new summer show, Ice Cream, this mutability is evident from the moment its host, Johnny Boy (aka Jonathan Betchtel), hits the catwalk.

For prior shows, Betchtel would leap on stage announcing himself and welcoming the audience to the festive night. But for Ice Cream, the barrel-chested, boyishly handsome host runs up and down the center catwalk making sure to include and engage each and every guest before the barrage of bodies, acrobatics, and pastel designs meet onlookers’ eyes. Betchtel is one of six main cast members—along with Neon Keon, Le Minx, Baby Kate, Fair Elise, and Suga Shay—each bringing their own allure and physical acumen to the night’s performance.