Krist Novoselic Seeks Musical Nirvana with His New Band, Giants in the Trees

rist Novoselic has begun the grind again. The 52-year-old former Nirvana bassist, who has since formed a couple of short-lived groups between joining the Foo Fighters and Paul McCartney on national stages, has launched a new Northwest-based band, Giants in the Trees, a mix of rock, pop, and folk music. The video for their first single, "Sasquatch," released July 26, has garnered more than 100,000 YouTube views despite it "costing nothing," and, Novoselic states, it "simply features the band meandering through the lush woods wearing goofy grins."

"That was shot a stone's throw from my house," adds Novoselic, a resident of the pastoral Wahkiakum County in Southwest Washington. "Hendrickson Canyon is a state preserve—there are giant trees in there, huge skunk cabbage leaves, and ferns." But despite the rural, country brand of the video, Novoselic and his group understand the new fast-paced digital age well and how their message is received within it. "Everything is self-released," notes the former grunge icon. "No label, no distribution company—that whole old chain has changed."