Mac DeMarco addicted to making music, seeks clarity through hard work

Mac DeMarco, the Canadian-born, laid-back minstrel of mellow rock ’n’ roll, says he is “addicted” to the excitement of creation. For the chain-smoking, whiskey drinking musician his main professional ambition is to keep making music — in large part, he says, so that he doesn’t have to experience any “withdrawals.”

DeMarco, who experienced a steady rise to fame, beginning in 2012 with the release of his mini-LP, “Rock and Roll Night Club,” and LP, “2,” became a full-fledged star with the release of his 2014 album, “Salad Days,” which peaked at number 30 on the Billboard 200.

DeMarco, who plays two nights at the Moore Theatre on Sept. 10 and 11, released “This Old Dog” in May. The record, which peaked at number 29 on the Billboard 200, focuses on DeMarco’s tumultuous relationship with his mostly absent father, while interspersing moments of advice to loved ones. “I like to try and infuse the mentality of ‘Keep your chin up’ into everything I do,” DeMarco says. “Being alive is crazy, we all know this. But, like, here we go!”