Richard Sherman Talks Spaghetti, Why he's still the Best Corner in the Game

The chance to interview Seahawks’ star cornerback Richard Sherman is an exciting proposition. With it, though, brings its share of questions, especially for a writer who has been at least a little critical of the man this season. Nevertheless, I was set to interview Sherman during the American Express Blue Friday event at the brand new Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room on Capitol Hill. 

Walking into the big, bright, luxurious coffee house with polished copper accents, I instantly felt lucky. The place reminds me of the holidays with all its shimmering lights and expansive space. I found my way to the AmEx entrance for the event in the back of the building where I met my contact person, a nice young woman named Morgan.

As servers walked around with deviled eggs and espresso bean arrenchinis, Morgan and I talked about California’s drought and how she loves living in New York but misses her home in the San Francisco Bay.

Then the festivities began. 

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