TFT Interview: Talib Kweli Talks ‘Weed Scientists,’ Hip Hop, And Black Star Days

When A Tribe Called Quest, inimitable elder statesmen of hip hop, released their final record We Got It from Here…Thank You 4 Your Service, they gathered a who’s who of hip hop old and new. The political and social implications of that album aside, it should be little doubt why that would include Talib Kweli.

An icon of rap’s backpacker movement, Kweli’s name is synonymous with poetic bars and thoughtful underpinnings. His collaborations include Black Star with Mos Def and Reflection Eternal with Hi-Tek, each further establishing Kweli as an inveterate member of hip hop.

He’s a cerebral artist and a prolific musician – and he’s just kicked off a new tour. So we talked to Kweli to learn his current thoughts on touring, the political climate, and what does he like to smoke?