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Mac DeMarco On Growing Up And Maintaining A Sense Of Humor

With a head of floppy hair underneath a forwards-facing baseball hat, singer-songwriter, Mac DeMarco, grins his signature gap tooth smile. To many, he’s an unlikely hero of music. To others, his talent and skill are obvious. The psychedelic-voiced minstrel of contemporary mellow rock music croons, singing his songs about lost youth and the dire creep of time. And on his latest record released in May, This Old Dog, the Canadian-born DeMarco laments the loss of his father, spiritually and, likely, physically. We had a chance to talk with DeMarco before he embarked on yet another series of national gigs to ask him about the new record, his smoking habits on stage, his relationship to death and much more.

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TFT Exclusive: Dave Matthews On Tim Reynolds Collaboration, Trump’s Wall, And Going Vegan

When Dave Matthews walks into a room, he does so smoothly and calmly. He’s not bothered by eyeballs – and if he was, he’d just as easily leave through the front door. Matthews, when he meets you, offers to buy you a coffee. Then he sits and begins to open up as you ask questions about politics, naturopathy and his upcoming tour with guitarist, Tim Reynolds.

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What I Eat: Sir Mix-A-Lot

The man who wrote “Baby Got Back” is most definitely a foodie.

“I love trying new stuff,” says Anthony Ray, aka Sir Mix A Lot. “[Cooking] is a craft, man, it’s an art.”

Which, of course, inspires the question: would Sir Mix A Lot ever put aside the one’s-and-two’s and microphone for a chef’s hat and measuring cup?

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