What I Eat: Chris Ballew

For the man who made the phrase “millions of peaches” internationally known, he certainly came around to the idea of eating homegrown and healthy later in life.

Chris Ballew, the singer/songwriter for the band The Presidents of the United States of America, who also fronts his Seattle-based kids rock band, Caspar Babypants, says when he thinks of how he used to eat before gigs on tour in the 90’s, he cringes.

“I ate terribly,” he sighs. “I drank beer a lot, ate white starchy foods – tons of pizza.”

As a result of the unbalanced diet, Ballew says he had physical breakdowns and terrible eczema and that he slept poorly and got sick regularly. “I didn’t put two and two together,” he says, “and no Western doctor did for me either.”

Ballew, who frequents an Emerald City naturopath, has mostly cut out wheat, dairy, eggs and sugar.