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Beacon Hill Blues: 3 local artists ponder the "G-word"

We met at the Station, a coffee house on 16th Ave. South in Beacon Hill. The small, unassuming shop feels like the epicenter of a neighborhood at a crossroads. We sat together around a small table by the door: the rapper Gabriel Teodros, 206 Zulu founder King Khazm, rapper and Cleveland High School teacher Chevas Gary and me. Our two-hour-long talk about Beacon Hill’s changing face gave me a glimpse of the neighborhood through the eyes of these artists, who’ve lived here most, if not all, their lives.

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The Seattle astronomer who discovered 4 planets before age 30

Sarah is a thoughtful person with shocking red hair, big, bright eyes and a warm, inviting tone of voice. One of the truly great things about her is her ability to condense very difficult (scientific) concepts into manageable, digestible conversation. We caught up with Sarah to talk about the planets she found, her recent talk with Bill Nye and her plans for the future.

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