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Canna Parents: Does Smoking Make You A Better Parent?

People have been smoking marijuana for hundreds of years. And, inevitably, some of those people have been parents. Today, as cannabis becomes legalized in more states across the U.S., parents are facing the challenges—both privately and publically—of how to talk about the substance with their children, as well as how to orient parenting around their own usage. To get a better sense of how parents make these decisions and to see what they’ve learned on the job, we reached out to a few for insight.

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The Perfect Storm: WNBA Team the Seattle Storm Ignites Social Justice

Traditionally, professional athletes aren’t known for speaking their minds, though that’s beginning to change. Their personal opinions often remain private to protect an endorsement—or three. Of course, there’s the apocryphal story of Michael Jordan saying, “Republicans buy sneakers, too,” when asked about a political opinion he did not want to give. But there are professional athletes who speak their minds and stand up in the face of social and political injustice. And they’re often women.

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Inner Experience, Collective Empowerment: Women.Weed.WiFi’s Revolutionary Platform

When you start a new project—whether that’s a platform, publication or business—it’s important to create and maintain a balance between a set mission statement and an openness or malleability. It’s a hard thing to attain, and the reason why many ventures fail. But for the founders of the Seattle-based Women.Weed.Wifi collective, this balance comes naturally—even telepathically.

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