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HUMP, SPLIFF, Love And Advice: A Conversation With Dan Savage

Dan Savage, bestselling author and nationally syndicated sex advice columnist, likes to laugh. The pleasant outbursts were sprinkled throughout our conversation. He laughs when praised and he laughs when asked to offer up his thoughts on a grand idea like love. His is a comforting laugh, not one of nervousness or deflection. Rather, it’s a laugh of largess and enjoyment. A laugh in response to the very real, very odd world looming all around us. I recently caught up with Savage to talk about his touring amateur pornography festival (HUMP), his new cannabis-inspired film festival (SPLIFF) and to ask, yes, what he thinks love is.

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Lavender Country’s Patrick Haggerty On Music, Love And Life, Itself

I didn’t have the heart to tell Patrick Haggerty, front man and songwriter for Lavender Country, the first openly gay country band to release an “out” album, that I wasn’t gay, though he lovingly assumed I was during our conversation. But not telling Haggerty about my sexuality is beside the point, of course. As you’ll see in the interview, it doesn’t take sexual orientation to make for kinship. By the end we were saying “I love you” to one another. Haggerty’s is a story of artistic success devoid of financial gain. But, later in his life, after a series of events unearthing his talent and story, Haggerty’s fame is on the rise. I asked him about that and much more.

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Spin Doctors Front Man, Chris Barron, Talks Comfy Sweaters, Befriending John Popper And Writing Songs

Growing up in Princeton, New Jersey, residents heard a lot about Chris Barron, the fun-loving, golden-voiced front man for the famed 90s rock band, Spin Doctors. From rumors spreading about the blond singer crooning from his window atop Farrington’s music shop near the library to hearing about his myriad poems depicting odd characters and indelible, quirky turns of phrase.

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Ten Quick Questions For Chuck Klosterman

New York Times Bestselling author, Chuck Klosterman, who we wrote a Monarch Drinks With feature about in 2012, has written a new book called, But What If We’re Wrong? It’s a close examination of concepts that society holds to be obvious but maybe aren’t quite as clear as they seem. And in the spirit of the question, we caught up with Klosterman to ask him a few quick ones of our own.  

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The Monarch Drinks With Marco Collins

Okay, so we just drank water. Well, I was finishing off an iced latte from a coffee place up the street. It was early – we met around 11am at Obasan, a quaint Japanese place in Queen Anne that has, coincidentally, my new favorite noodle dish: Yakisoba with tofu and no mushrooms. Marco Collins, the former Program Director for The End and expert with chopsticks, ordered the tuna rolls and teriyaki chicken.

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Strength In The Blues – An Interview With Cornel West

Born in Tulsa Oklahoma, Dr. West has studied at Harvard and Princeton, has been a civil rights activist, a pastor and currently serves as the Class of 1943 University Professor at Princeton. He has received more than twenty honorary degrees as well as the American Book Award, and he has appeared on television programs like The Colbert Report and Real Time with Bill Maher.

Known for his Socratic approach toward the issue of social justice and his devotion to the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., Dr. West himself has authored more than a dozen books, including his landmark texts Race Matters and Democracy Matters. His latest, Hope On A Tightrope, was released in November. For these reasons, and many more, I have come to speak with him.

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