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Nurse Opens Domestic Violence Shelter That Gives Free Healthcare To Homeless and Uninsured

It’s hard to know where to begin when talking about Asma Inge-Hanif. The hardworking, selfless caregiver, who is the director and co-Founder of IBM/Al-Nisaa Healthy Solutions Medical Center, has done so much for others throughout her career. She is a nurse, a chaplain, and has started countless initiatives to help underserved and forgotten people and she does so having seen so much sadness in and around her life over the years. 

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The First Nurse Featured on TED Talks Launches Society For Nurse Entrepreneurs, Innovators

Rebecca Love, the first nurse to give a TEDx talk and the founder of many businesses including, spoke with us about her inspirations, why she became a nurse and how the support from her mother, who is also a nurse, changed her life and likely the lives of many others.  

The Massachusetts-based nurse is as passionate as they come. In one way, she is driven by a myriad of projects and the dream of helping all nurses find a better way to do their job. But in another way, Love is driven by a single idea: to elevate the public perception of nurses to ensure that the job of bedside caregiver doesn’t go extinct. 

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